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Traditional definition..

jad·edadj \ˈjā-dəd\

1: fatigued by overwork :exhausted

2: made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by surfeit

Now, why would we want our name to carry with it such a negative word?

My poor husband for one just does not like it. 

Are your tired of...

...spending good money on bad nail work done in the blink of an eye?

...getting work done with someone that never understands you?

(In fact they never even seem to try.)

...your nail tech spending the whole service taking her personal calls?

...nail shops that limit their menu just to get you in & out faster? How boring!!

(Remember that there is more money in a new set of nails than in quality art & services.)

...never being able to relax due to pain, discomfort, or because their rushing so much you

need to keep an eye on them so you can catch everything as they miss it?

(And after all that, your still are not crazy about the finished results?)

...getting hurt because their in such a rush to finish to care for your safety or comfort?

...getting hurt because they are not properly trained & certified to use an electric file?

...getting hurt because they prefer using a drill to save on the costs of buying proper nail equipment?

...nobody telling you what to do or not to do to really get your money's worth out of your services?

(Which means you spend more money replacing your nails instead of maintaining the work you have.)

{Most rip off your product for time's sake (at a discount) causing unsightly, painful damage.}

...getting infections because they refuse to take the time to properly sanitize their implements?

...getting infections because they don't take the time of explaining your

responsibilities when using Acrylic or Gel Enhancements?

...getting double-booked all the time, every time like doctor's offices?

(Lets face it, accidents happen to all of us, but it shouldn't be happening on each & every appointment)

I could go on & on, but I'm sure you have the idea.

But, you know what? Being Jaded* has an upside, you know what you want.

Most of us know what a trauma nails at the wrong shop can really be.

That means we have some solid information & experiences to base our evaluations on.

Most of you are on a hunt for a new manicurist that can deliver not only great work, but has your best interest always in mind as her first priority, because we have all been mistreated before.

When you come across good quality service & training you recognize it.

Give me your Jaded*, broken & bitten nails for a total makeover!!

Bring me your ugly poorly worked acrylic or gel nails done by someone else,

so I can show you that I not only can repair any problem that might arise with

my own work, I recreate even the most unsightly damaged nails you can imagine.

My services are meant to transform not only your hands & feet

but your expectations of salons, their services & practices in

general, while always keeping your safety first.

I pride myself in not only in offering beautiful hi-end art & services,

but also using all my services to help re-educate the public in

bettering their personal care & nail habits. See for your self.

Staying informed empowers you to make better

decisions for yourself & your loved ones.