Jade's Studio* - Repairs & Removals - El Paso, TX
Repairs & RemovalHave damaged broken nails? Do salon's refuse you service because your nails
have been bitten to the point where you can no longer use tips?
We know exactly why we damage our self's, now lets do something about it!
These people probably have horrible,
bitten nails riddled with about a dozen very painful hang nails that they love messing with
till the point of no return. They also probably bite & hack acrylic/gel extensions off,
taking with the product many chunks of the natural nail causing unsightly red & white blotches, not to mention how badly your fingers hurt during & after the removal.
These people's health is at risk!
There is a reason most health, food & beverage specialists & employees are required to abide by very strict nail sanitation guidelines. 
Excessive biting can lead to horrible
deformations & infections...
Nat. Tip Fade $3 ea
Repairs $3-$6 ea after 2 weeks
Shorten Tips(>.1) $4
Shorten & Re-Finish $10
RemovalsRemove Gel Polish $5 "takes" 15 min.
Remove Acrylic Gel Toes $10 " 30-45 min.
Remove Hand Extensions $20 " 50-60 min.
Remove Hand Extensions While Protecting
Your Natural Nail Growth $30 " 60-90 min.
We can help you repair severe damage done over a life time with the use of acrylics, gels & treatments on a regular bases coupled with
proper extension removal.
Isn't it funny how everyone always seems
to think extensions can be so bad for your
nails yet all nails really need are proper care. The general population seems to think nails
just are & should require no further attention
as such whether natural, acrylic or gel.
But that is just not the case.
Think about it...
When was the last time you stopped & 
washed your hands before biting on a broken nail or cuticle? All that bacteria that we pick 
up goes straight into your mouth, over & over again. Add that to the fact that human saliva 
is acid based, since its the start to our 
digestive process, so its more dehydrating to nails & skin than regular sun & water exposure.
All of this applies as much to our feet as our hands.
With proper care we can come back from our self induced damage.
If your tired of being so ashamed that you keep hiding your hands from people.. 
If you are a life time nail bitter & want to finally make a change.. 
If you where a nail bitter & now your kids have picked up that same horrible habit.... 
and now you don't know what to do?
We do.
We would love to help make a difference in your life.
We want our Jaded Nail Mentor Program to be the corner stone of our business.
We wish to be known for putting our client's health first, assessing their problems & hopefully
helping to reprogram them with healthier natural nail, acrylic & gel care habits.
We do this at no extra cost with your purchase.
All you need to do is follow the instructions for at least 2-4 weeks straight to see dramatic results.
It makes such a difference you'll be completely hooked & happier with your nails than ever before.
The hope is that you will love the results so much it will motivate you
to really leave those bad habbits behind. 
Everyone will be dying to know what you have done different.
Hopefully that will be just the motivation you need to help you on your
path to recovering your beatiful healthy nails!
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