Jade's Studio* - Acrylic Nail Services - El Paso, TX
Acrylic Nail Services
All of the Acrylic Services include a variety of Gel Top Coat Finishes, which seal
your extensions with an incredible high gloss shine that really lasts!
It also allows you to polish over it at will, when you are tired of the polish
just remove it with non-acetone polish remover, the shine will remain intact!
Re-polish as many times as you would like.
Acrylic Overlays are not extensions, think of them as a Semipermanent
Nail Shields that get filled only once a month & wears 2-3 months at a time.
Short Natural Nail Overlay (.2)  $35
Long Natural Nail Overlay  $40
2 Tone Overlay  $40
3 Tone Overlay  $45
* Hands or Toes*
*  Up-Grade to a French Overlay  $5
Natural, Pearl & White French Tip (.2)  $40
Any Color French Tip (.3)  $45
Every Tip a Different Color (5 Colors)  $50
Classic Double Tips  $55
Sculpture French Tips  $65
Pre-Designed Tips  $70
Custom Double Tips  $75
**  Every Additional Size Over .3 $3 ea
***  Look to the Nail Art Menu for design options.
****  Now you can get long lasting Acrylic/Gel Toes to match your finger's Nail Art!!
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